Diwali Bumper 2019


West bengal lotteries bumper ticket is famous lottery ticket in all over India.May be is bengal daily paper lottery ticket is not rated better but by looking this bumper lottery west bengal is in top rated lottery.

Lottery Sambad west bengal Diwali Bumper 2019 lottery result will be uploaded in this page or you can also check with the official website of Lotterysambad. If your are a lottery addicted person then you should try one piece of diwali bumper. Because it can help you to complete your dream.

Note: Lotterysambadlive.com never suggest you to buy any ticket,so buy lottery in your wish.

Details of Sikkim Diwali Bumper 2019 Lottery

Common questions and answers of Diwali Bumper 2019…

1. What is the price of west bengal 2019 diwali bumper ticket?

Ans: Diwali Bumper Ticket price is 2000/- only.

2. What Is the First Prize of diwali bumper 2019 ticket?

Ans: 1st prize is 5 Crores x 2 = 10 Crores (two person will get).

3. What is the Second prize of West Bengal Diwali Bumper 2019?

Ans: 2nd Prize is 1 Crore x 1 = 2 Crores (two person will get).

4. What is the third prize amount of west bengal state diwali bumper 2019 ticket?

Ans:3rd prize is 10 Lakhs x 10 = 1 Crore (ten person will get).

5. When is the draw date of Diwali Bumper 2019 Lottery?

Ans: On 2nd November will be draw Diwali Bumper 2019 Lottery.

6. How many total tickets are there of Diwali bumper 2019 ticket?

Ans: There are only 2 Lakhs ticket of diwali bumper 2019.

7. Which Government is the playing Diwali Bumper 2019?

Ans: Sikkim State Lottery government is playing Diwali Bumper 2019. (It’s Sikkim state Diwali Bumper lottery 2019)

8. Where we will get sikkim state diwali bumper lottery result?

Ans: Lottery Result will be available on every  lottery shop or visit www.lotterysambadlive.com to get the result. (Bumper result – Click here)

9. What is the free ticket Diwali Bumper 2019?

Ans: Buy 10 Get 1 Free ticket. You will get another prize of the free ticket. Which free ticket you will receive from seller or online you cannot get same prize like that, Free ticket prize is- 1st prize= AUDI CAR or 30 Lakhs Rupees and 2nd prize is HONDA CITY CAR or 10 Lakhs.Rupees. (no 3rd prize on free ticket)

10. How to buy Sikkim Diwali Bumper lottery Online or Offline?

Ans. Ticket is available on every west bengal lottery shop and there is no option to buy diwali bupmer online. I tried to contact on 1800 102 3680 toll free number  but they are not responding. So you cannot buy diwali bumper by calling 18001023680.

Sikkim Diwali Bumper 2019 Result Type

1st prize 1st time – 44A 12345 (5crores)

1st prize 2nd Time- 45678 (5crores)

2nd prize 1st time- 34567(1Crore)

2nd Prize 2nd Time- 47874 (1Crore)

⇓ 3rd Prize Rs. 10 Lakhs ⇓

54321 97770 34443 11777 77600

02120 36971 14878 02010 36744

14740 36982 20010 32222 47877

25522 47888 10001 98877 90999

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