Nagaland Lottery Live

A demo video for nagaland lottery live.lot of customer don’t know that how judges are providing nagaland lotteries result.actually their are no cheating in nagaland lottery. you can watch this video and after you will able to know that how they provide the result.

Today  Nagaland Lottery Live Show 

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 nagaland Lottery Live Show 


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We have not permission to provide the live online but if you contact with us for getting live software then we can provide you the software.

A few things you have need to get the software for nagaland state lotteries live.

1. You have need one laptop or computer.

2. You have to need one lottery shop in west bengal.

3. Per day selling ticket  5000 (in piece)

5. 5000/- 1st time you have to pay for the software. and per month 500/-.

If you agree with this then you have to contact with us and we will go on your shop and verify for all the things. or you can contact with your stockist they will help you with this.

Note: You can’t do any other things in your laptop or computer if you take the software.


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